Jones Soda: Cream Soda (Only)

small_106.jpgAt Google, I had the privilege of drinking more kinds of sodas than you ever knew existed.  One soda that Google introduced me to was Jones soda unfortunately, it was always way too sweet for me.  I guess that’s what you get for soda made from real sugar.

However, Jenn found one that we actually like, thanks to the fact I forgot how sweet Jones soda was: The sugar-free cream soda.  Although it’s not the favorite soda here (*cough* cherry coke zero), it comes in a close second.  In fact, it’s the only other soda stocked here.


Favorite Soda – Cherry Coke Zero

112.jpg It’s official: cherry coke zero is one great soft drink! It’s evident we’re not the only ones who think so, either. For many weeks in a row, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero has been sold out at our local Target. (Yes, we grocery shop at Target now). I’m not sure if that means I should buy stock in Coca Cola or Target, or both.

So if you really want to get your hands on it, here’s the secret. The coke distributor shows up at Target on weekday mornings. That means you’ll probably want to get to Target no later than 5pm on a weekday – and if you go on a weekend, forget about restocking your Coke Zero!

Two Cheeses We Love: Ewephoria Gouda & Old Amsterdam

Jenn and I found both of these while we took a weekend romantic getaway to Carmel, and wandered into one of our favorite stores, The Cheese Shop. (I think they need a new website though!).

Ewephoria, Sheep’s-milk Gouda

As SFGate tells us, this mild cheese is “The texture is firm, becoming drier toward the rind, and the flavor intense and sweet, with enough acidity to keep the cheese from being cloying.imported from Holland. (photo). Cheese descriptions never mean too much to me — however, what I *do* know is that it is a great, mild, slightly dry cheese that tastes great on crackers. I highly suggest it! It’s got to be one of my all-time favorite milds.

Old Amsterdam, Cow’s-milk Gouda

Apparently this one has won numerous European Gold Medals for gourmet cheese. It’s also a gouda, but is a little stronger and maybe even a little drier than the Ewephoria. In truth, they’re a great combination with some crackers, and maybe some sweet fruit. I’d pick up both of them!

I’ll leave you with a short commercial I found: